Canna Pods – Compatible with Juul

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***Contains no harmful Vitamin E, Mineral Oil or Vegetable Glycerin – The liquidizer used is labelled as safe by the FDA***

Requires battery pack
Sold in cases of 50 or Packs of 25
No nicotine
Size: 0.7ml
Strength: 140mg

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Mango 25 Pack, Original 25 Pack, Mint 25 Pack, Mango 50 Pack, Pineapple 50 Pack, Mint 50 Pack, Original 50 Pack, Banana 50 Pack, Mango 5 Pack, Blueberry 5 Pack, Original 5 Pack, Banana 5 Pack, Blueberry 25 Pack

1 review for Canna Pods – Compatible with Juul

  1. ccmclean420 (verified owner)

    do not bother buying this if you are a heavy smoker it will not get you stoned this is only for light smokers. 1 mouth piece was cracked so i had to use one from another pod. i have smoked 3 so far, first one was broken second one i could not get a puff hardly anything would come out then i started getting it in my mouth and the third one puffed amazing it was actually putting out decent clouds for a juul and it got me high but no matter if i puff until it died i still will not get stoned it is pretty weak. i really hope the next two are not as bad as the last three and oh yeah another huge problem my juul keeps rejecting these pods so i have to keep it held down with my index finger and thumb in order to get a puff because the pod keeps springing out for some reason every time i let go and it is super annoying i do not know whats worse the fact everyone keeps popping out before its done or the fact that every pod leaks oil and you constantly have to wipe it clean.

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