Premium Black Label Budder – Blackberry Lime Haze




Blackberry Lime Haze is a 90% sativa cross between Blackberry and Lime Haze that induces high-energy, clear-headed effects. Sweet lime and peppery spiceoverlay a subtle mix of honeyberry, and floral notes in a show of Blackberry Lime Haze’s rich terpeneprofile. Functional creativity coupled with a happymood make this strain conducive to productive afternoons or an active weekend with friends. Blackberry Lime Haze is a potent medicine for a variety of ailments, some of which include depressionheadachesfibromyalgiaspinal cord injurymultiple sclerosisfatiguepain, and spasms. Despite its sativa-leaning genetics, Blackberry Lime Haze grows into dense, chunky buds with a heavy coat of crystal trichomes. Though similar to Blackberry Haze, this phenotype leans more toward its Lime Haze parent in appearance and aroma.

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